QxWT released

The qooxdoo-Team just released version 1.2 of their JavaScript-(UI)-Library and so I’ve updated the QxWT-Wrapper for GWT to as well. There’s a new set of virtual-widgets in qooxdoo 1.2 but I decided to not wrap it yet because the API is not finished yet.

You can look at the Demo-Application which presents many of the things available in QxWT If you want to use QxWT in your GWT-Applications you can get it following this link.

7 thoughts on “QxWT released

  1. Hi Tom, just wanted to say great work with QxWT! I’ve used qooxdoo for several projects and would like to consider using QxWT for some new ones. Are you planning to release a version for qooxdoo v1.3 that came out in december? I’m particularly interested in 1.3 because it includes support for touch scrolling on iOS devices which is a platform I’d like to target.

    1. Yes – I hope to have time to work in this in the next few weeks. Normally I’m releasing QxWT 1-2 weeks after the qooxdoo release but I’ve been under extrem workload. Is there any particular new API you need to wrapped?

      1. probably just the new components like the tri-state-checkboxes, progress bar and the overflow toolbar additions. Btw, have you posted instructions on how to build the QxWT source anywhere? Thanks again!

      2. Ok. I’ve now wrapped the ProgressBar and added the tristate and group attribute to the ToggleButton. Can you point me to the toolbar additions you are talking about? Beside that I think I’ve not documented anywhere what is needed to build QxWT from the sources but to get started with the latest sources you should simply checkout the following projects from my SVN-Repo:

        I’ll try to write up an readme when releasing

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