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Now that’s cool

If you are following my blog you may have noticed that I invested some hours this weekend in Eclipse-Databinding and GWT. It was Saturday in the evening when I got the Eclipse-Databinding working inside GWT and I started searching for a decent Table and TableTree-Widget (I looked at the code in the gwt-incubator but that […]

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Eclipse-Databinding 3.5 for GWT

I’m a big fan of GWT but one of the real pain points when developing GWT applications is that there’s no databinding framework [*] available to synchronize your domain objects and UI-Widgets. As many of you know I’m an even bigger fan of Eclipse-Databinding because it is written so that it can be used with […]

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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 5

Though the main focus of this article is going to be the usage of the properties API to setup a TableViewer there are some importanted I didn’t explain in Part 4 of this series. Using the properties API in master-detail (continued) Showing validation states The first interesting thing is how to present validation errors to […]

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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 4

Using the properties API in master-detail In the last blog entry we saw how to set up a the left part of our example application which is a JFace-TreeViewer. This blog article deals with the upper right part of the application who allows the user to edit the data of the selected project in the […]

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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 3

Setting up a TreeViewer with EMF-Databinding The RCP-Application With this article we are starting to write our RCP-Application which uses Eclipse-Databinding. I’m not going into detail how you create an RCP-Application (I simply use the PDE-Wizard) but assume that you are familiar with this kind of thing. Still I’d like to describe the application design […]

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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 2

Introduce the new Properties API In 3.5 Eclipse-Databinding introduces a new API which should be used in favor of the 3.4 EMFObservables-Factory because it provides many features who couldn’t be provided by the old API (e.g. the new API provides you with the possibility to observe nested attributes in Table/TreeViewers, allows you do observe different […]

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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 1

Creation of the Domain-Model Before we can start with the domain model for our application we need to know what the model is going to be for. So let me explain the application we are going to write in this blog series: Suppose the Eclipse Foundation hired you to write an application which allows them […]

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Galileo: Improved EMF-Databinding-Support

I’m happy to announce that EMF-2.5 will come along with support for the brand new Eclipse-Databinding API coming with Eclipse-Galileo. A big kudos goes to Matthew Hall who reviewed my patches and helped me shapeing the support and it’s documentation (more in bug 262160). I got voted in some weeks ago as a committer on […]

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I finally also moved

I followed the example of Chris and moved my blog to wordpress.

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