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JFace-Viewers for Swing, is this possible?

You might think “Now he’s gone completely crazy” but hold on and read through the next few paragrpahs to hopefully find out that I’m not. 0. The background Do you sometimes have to code against Swing and have also been disappointed that you could not remember how to deal with Tables, Trees and TreeTables (I […]

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UFacekit – Proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator

So the news is out [Mailinglist, Newsgroups]. UFacekit is proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator project (proposal). I think this is the right move for UFacekit to gather momentum towards our first release. If you want to support this move: Comment on the following newsgroup post from Boris Add yourself/company as an interested party on […]

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Exploring new technologies part of Ganymede-Release Train

I took myself some time the last days exploring new technologies available with Ganymede 3.4: Eclipse-Databinding and its new features EMF-Databinding (Provisional but working very smoothly) Teneo: Persist your model via hibernate in a SQL-Database CDO: Share your model between different clients and persist it into an SQL-Database (with Revision support) New Extension Points to […]

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